Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Vive la résistance!

EDITOR'S NOTE, 1/28/2009: For the sake of amusement, I have imported my original blog's introduction, as I think much of it still applies. I hope you are half as entertained as I was to read it.

Hello all, and welcome

You privilidged individuals have stumbled across my latest social experiment: a brand spanking new blog, complete with shiny graphics, witty insight, and new-car smell. Well I'm excited anyways. Hopefully we'll all learn a lot, share a few laughs, and all have a good time.

So what exactly is this page here for anyways, you might ask. In anticipation of this question, which no longer needs to be anticipated as I've done you all a favor and brought it up, I think it might be a good idea to write a mock mission statement (later on, when I've totally ignored everything I've written here, I'll find this very amusing.) Pay attention, there will be a quiz on this material at the end of class.

Basically what I'm doing here is trying to make an interesting site with links and pictures and whatnot that will amuse and interest the reader, being you, so that anyone who reads this may think that I'm a real swell guy and introduce me to their sisters. Actually, in all honesty, I have a need to write, but not necessarily a need to have my writing read, I just think its neat if you do. Personally, if Im the only one who ever reads this I could care less, I just want to get my thoughts out there on paper (which is how they used to do this sort of thing back in my day).

At no point should this ever be an online journal in the junior-high-girl-quoting-goofy-song-lyrics-and-spewing-drama-about-how-billy-doesnt-like-them-and-how-tiffany-is-such-a-biznatch-and-school-sucks-and-*i heart my 7... luv ya girls*-crap sense of the word. Rather, while you may see some song lyrics (and only good ones, might I add), this is more of a place for me to comment on whatever I'm thinking about at that current point in time, be it sports, music, humor, politics, food, Marisa Miller, etc. It's possible that some of this may even be relevant to you.

It is my sincere hope that whatever this little experiment of mine results in, that you will find it to be at least slightly interesting. I hope that maybe it may generate some comment board style discussion, or at least a few hits every now and then. Thank you for reading, and enjoy.

And if all I end up doing is just shamelessly ripping off Bill Simmons, so be it.